About the Journal

Welcome to the Journal of Regional Studies Review, a scholarly platform dedicated to advancing the understanding and exploration of regional studies across diverse disciplines. This journal serves as a beacon for researchers, academics, and practitioners engaged in unraveling the complexities of regional phenomena and their implications for societies around the world. The Journal of Regional Studies Review (JRSR), a peer-reviewed academic research journal being published by the UNICOM COLLEGE of BUSINESS STUDIES (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan), since 2022. JRSR aims to provide a comprehensive platform for scholarly research and discourse focusing on various aspects of regional studies across the globe. The journal welcomes original research articles, review papers, case studies, and theoretical contributions that explore the multifaceted dimensions of regional dynamics

Mission and Scope: At the heart of our mission is the commitment to fostering high-quality research that delves into the multifaceted dimensions of regional studies. The Journal of Regional Studies Review provides a comprehensive forum for the exchange of innovative ideas, rigorous methodologies, and insightful analyses across a wide spectrum of regional issues. Our scope encompasses, but is not limited to, regional economics, geography, politics, culture, environment, and sustainable development.

Peer-Reviewed Excellence: We uphold the highest standards of academic rigor through a meticulous peer-review process. Our esteemed panel of reviewers comprises experts in various regional studies disciplines, ensuring that published research meets the criteria of originality, relevance, and methodological soundness. This commitment to excellence positions the Journal of Regional Studies Review as a trusted source for cutting-edge scholarship.

Interdisciplinary Dialogue: Recognizing the inherently interdisciplinary nature of regional studies, our journal encourages dialogue and collaboration among scholars from diverse fields. By bridging gaps between disciplines, we aim to foster a holistic understanding of regional dynamics, promoting nuanced analyses that contribute to both theoretical advancements and practical applications.

Global Perspectives, Local Insights: The Journal of Regional Studies Review embraces a global perspective while appreciating the significance of local insights. We seek to showcase research that transcends geographical boundaries, yet remains sensitive to the unique contexts and challenges faced by different regions. This approach enriches our understanding of regional dynamics and facilitates the development of inclusive, context-specific solutions.

Innovative Scholarship: As a platform for innovative scholarship, our journal welcomes contributions that push the boundaries of traditional regional studies. We encourage researchers to explore emerging trends, employ novel methodologies, and engage with cutting-edge theories that contribute to the evolution of the field.

Accessible Knowledge: We are committed to making valuable knowledge accessible to a wide audience. The Journal of Regional Studies Review is an open-access publication, ensuring that research findings reach academics, policymakers, and the public at large. By removing barriers to access, we aim to catalyze discussions and drive positive change in regional contexts.

Engaging the Community: Beyond scholarly publications, the Journal of Regional Studies Review actively engages with the regional studies community through conferences, workshops, and online forums. We seek to create a vibrant space for intellectual exchange, networking, and collaboration among researchers with a shared interest in regional dynamics.

The Journal of Regional Studies Review stands as a beacon for advancing regional studies, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, and disseminating high-quality research. We invite you to join us on this intellectual journey as we explore the diverse and dynamic world of regions and their profound impact on societies worldwide.