Author Guidelines

Thank you for considering the Journal of Regional Studies Review (JRSR) for the publication of your scholarly work. To ensure a smooth submission and publication process, please adhere to the following author guidelines:

  1. Manuscript Preparation:
    • Prepare your manuscript according to the JRSR formatting guidelines (See Formatting Manuscript)
    • Use clear and concise language, adhering to academic writing conventions.
  2. Originality and Previously Published Work:
    • Submit only original work that has not been published elsewhere.
    • Clearly cite and reference any prior work or data used in your manuscript.
  3. Formatting and Style:
    • Format your manuscript according in a clear and understandable way.
    • Include an abstract, keywords, and appropriate headings to enhance readability.
  4. Ethical Considerations:
    • Disclose any conflicts of interest or financial affiliations that may influence the research.
    • Ensure compliance with ethical standards for research involving human subjects or animals.
  5. Citation and Referencing:
    • Follow the APA 7th style for the in-text Citations and Referencing.
    • Verify that all references are accurate, complete, and formatted correctly.
  6. Figures and Tables:
    • Provide clear and well-labeled figures and tables, ensuring they enhance the presentation of your research.
    • Include captions and reference figures/tables appropriately in the text.
    • Add all the Tables and Figures in an editable format (not in image/screenshot form)
  7. Submission Process:
    • Submit your manuscript through the online submission system i.e. OJS, available on the JRSR website.
    • Include all required documents, such as the cover letter, manuscript, figures, and supplementary materials.
  8. Peer Review Process:
    • Your manuscript will undergo a thorough peer-review process.
    • Address reviewer comments constructively and revise your manuscript accordingly.
  9. Copyright and Licensing:
    • Review and sign the copyright agreement upon acceptance.
    • JRSR uses a Creative Commons license to facilitate proper attribution and sharing of your work.
  10. Timely Communication:
    • Respond promptly to editorial queries and communication throughout the submission and review process.
    • Keep your contact information up-to-date for efficient communication.
  11. Corrections and Retractions:
    • Report errors promptly and work collaboratively with the editorial team to rectify any inaccuracies after the provision of the Galley Proof of your Paper.
  12. Compliance with Guidelines:
    • Adhere to all guidelines outlined in the JRSR author guidelines Section.
    • Failure to comply with guidelines may result in delays or rejection of your manuscript.

We appreciate your commitment to the highest standards of scholarly publishing. By following these author guidelines, you contribute to the quality and integrity of the research published in the "Journal of Regional Studies Review." Thank you for choosing JRSR as the platform for sharing your valuable contributions to regional studies.